Amish Furniture Kits, Rustic, and Unfinished

If you’ve ever been to a ski lodge or an elaborately decorated vacation cabin, you’ve undoubtedly seen examples of fine log furniture. This design style is uniquely suited to the natural surroundings common to these locations. From simple coffee tables to intricately designed beds and stylish glass bongs, this type of furniture has a simple and rustic design that is very appealing to a great many people.

Drayton Log Furniture

At Drayton Log Furniture, we are experts in the Amish log furniture industry. We understand the design criteria, building materials and functionality of this type of furniture and want to provide this information to consumers. Our website is designed as a source of information on all of the various aspects of log furniture. We hope that we can be of help to anyone that is interested in purchasing some of this beautifully made furniture.

Nothing completes a vacation cabin or ski lodge like a décor that focuses on rustic log furniture. When used in a cabin, log furniture has a unique ability to bring the surrounding beauty of nature into the interior living space. The natural look and feel of these pieces offer a unique ambiance that cannot be easily duplicated by other furniture styles, which is why cabin furniture is so popular.

Aspen log furniture, as well as pine log furniture, is ideal for an indoor setting. Both of these woods offer a beautiful, naturally creamy color accented with defects that can only be created by Mother Nature. Under the careful hand of a skilled craftsman, these woods can be used to create utterly beautiful furniture creations, from simple to ornate. Purchasing futon covers can extend the life of your furniture, as well as matching your living room decor.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor log furniture often has different requirements than do those pieces that are designed for indoor use. Most experts agree that for an outdoor setting, cedar log furniture is usually the best option. Cedar has many naturally occurring qualities that make it ideal for outdoor use. It is much less likely to crack or split due to extreme changes in humidity, it weather’s particularly well, and is very resistant to damage caused by insects. It is for these reasons that cedar is commonly used for any log patio furniture.

Many experts consider Amish log furniture to be among the highest quality furniture you can buy anywhere in the world. Amish woodworking and craftsmanship have a long-standing and widespread reputation for quality, durability and simple elegance. Each piece is made completely by hand, without the use of mass-production techniques, or electricity for that matter.

Unfinished log furniture is very common. This is partly due to the fact that the natural beauty of the wood often eliminates the need for a finish. It is also due to the fact that many people prefer to finish the furniture themselves. Unfinished furniture can be incorporated into nearly any décor if the right dye or stain is applied. Finishing the furniture yourself also gives you a unique connection with the particular piece. Log furniture kits are also available for those that want to actually “build” the piece themselves.

If you live in the country, log furniture can be an aesthetically pleasing focus on your home’s décor. It makes your home feel more integrated into its surroundings and offers a sense of nature with which other furniture styles can’t compete.